Who We Are


Naranjo Designs

Regardless of what your final product or deliverable may be, we work within your specified structures or effectively apply our flexible project management frame work to accommodate project needs

We are good at what we do, we love what we do, and we enrich our imagination by cultivating a safe, comfortable, fun, and innovative working environment. We believe in all things good and understand that a good culture creates a happy team. and a happy team produces great work. and great work meets and exceeds the expectations of our clients.

NDCS is operated as a Social Entrepreneurship with a responsibility to society. We are dedicated to hiring and mentoring new graduates in the creative industries field and helping them establish their professional portfolios.

NDCS is a multi-discipline graphic design marketing solutions service provider with a talented in-house team of creatives with cutting edge capabilities focused on adding value to your business.

We understand that developing innovative solution for your specific business needs is not a onetime transaction. We are eager to create strong bonds of enduring trust and co-operation with you to ensure that your vision, your passion, and your value proposition is translated into clear, compelling, and consistent content that is easy for your customers to digest, and effectively meet your objectives.



We have
a unique
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Whos values truly align. Each of us aim to be the best of our genuine selves. We encourage our clients to share the same vision within their brand. Through that process, we build their trust in us because we engage in listening to their goals, think critically on how to execute them, and believe that we can bring inspiration to their unique brand.